Practice What You Preach

Hello Hapi People,

I know that I have been posting a lot about self-improvement and discipline. I know when I read these posts from other bloggers, I think, "How could they possibly have it together?", then I remember why I post about such topics. I post about things that I need and think that others may benefit from as well. Am I actually able to apply everything in my life and practice what I preach... absolutely not! I think, as humans, we sometimes need to have a helping hand remind us and motivate us. I use this blog the create a place for me to cope with what is going on in my life, in hopes that it can help other people.

That being said, yesterday I had a helpful friend give me some tips for helping my singing techniques and it was very helpful. It pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone and I was able to do things that I had not done in many months. It was exciting, and we started talking about the mental blocks and fears that sickness can create for singers. We reached a point in the conversation at which I said my fear of not being capable has kept me incapable. The conversation and pushing my voice (not in a bad way) was so encouraging and such a mental breakthrough for me. How amazing are those "A-HA!" moments in life?! I realized that I keep talking about believing in yourself and challenging yourself, but I was not doing it for myself. Well, yesterday I did just that, believed in and pushed myself. I felt such a relief lifted off my shoulders from the weight of fear in believing I had lost the ability to do what I love.

Have you ever been in the same position, feeling like you can't do something or feeling stuck. Sometimes you never really know your limits until you push them. The limitations you may feel you have may be just a mental block you have created yourself. As I said in Wednesday's post, be bold and take a risk for you never know where it may lead.

Stay Hapi,

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