The First Time, Again: About This Blog

Hello Everyone,

My name is Amy Irby and welcome to my new blog Got 2 Be Hapi! You may be curious about the title of this first post, but don't worry I will explain. I have tried starting many a blog for myself. I never seem to stick to it though ... but this time I am all in! 

Yes, I know it’s easy to say, but in my life right now I feel its time. Life is a little crazy (isn't it always?) and I want an outlet and place where I can share the things I enjoy with enjoyable people. Now why anyone would care about the things I enjoy, I don't know but here we go anyways! 

Got 2 B Hapi is a place for all things beauty, home, DIY, music, poetry, food, relationships, social media, pictures, college life, random thoughts, positive vibes and everything lovely haha! Oh and Pinterest! Basically all the musings and interests of this crazy lady typing.

 We will talk about everything here and have fun doing it. I will share my discoveries of life to hopefully bring you a little happiness as I discover happy things. Don’t worry, this is not going to be your everyday, run of the mill beauty guru blog. This is a place for girly things yes, but also for the multifaceted person to come and escape for a few minutes a day. If there is anything you ever want me to talk about or share with you just let me know!

So Got 2 Be Hapi

I am sure you are wondering, "What's with that name?" well let me tell you a little story. In high school (like every other lost teenager) I was trying to find ways to express myself. I was all over the map and very artsy/hipster/hippie/indie ... whatever they call it nowadays haha. I loved finding new music, sewing things, crafts, was just getting into makeup and figuring out who I was as a person. High school was also a very difficult time for me and was diagnosed for the first time with clinical depression and anxiety. Though it was a difficult time, I discovered the things that make me happy in trying to live more positively and treat my depression. Around this time is when the idea of blogging and my first social media users came about. I came up the username "g2bhapi26", it was meant to stand for "got to be happy" and 26 is just my fave number, lol. It doesn't mean that I have to be happy all the time, or pretend to be happy because I definitely was not happy during that time. I had the mentality that this is the only life I have so why not try to be more positive and do the things I love that make me happy. If I'm not happy in my life, I have found it usually means I have given into depressive and anxious tendency. It is very easy to do when life has you down, but thankfully I have had supportive people in my life to remind me to keep moving forward. 

Please do not misunderstand in me statements above about living positively. I'm not saying if you are depressed or anxious that you should just "knock it off", "snap out of it", or anything of that nature. Trust me I know that when you are in those low places it takes a lot of time and support to get back to a happy place. However, doing things that make you happy or are positive activities can help boost your mood, especially when you don’t want to do anything.

My ideology behind “got to be happy” was that I needed to do things that made me happy in order to lead a happy life. I know it seems like a simple “Duh” concept, but everyone gets stuck in life. It is totally ok to be stuck, but when you realize it, don’t wait. I can’t tell you how many times I have waited in my misery just because it was comfortable or I was afraid. Every new change begins with a step … so take that one step forward towards happiness. Whatever happiness means for you; whether it’s a lifestyle change, job change, relationship change, or simply finding a new hobby.  If it is a positive change towards happiness in your heart, then do it! Yes I know, “Oh my gosh, how cheesytouchyfeelingfuzzywarmbarfness!” I’m totally serious though, and if you are reading this and feel stuck, then leave a comment and talk about it. Talk to a friend or someone you trust. Stick with me here and I hope we can find things together that bring us a little happiness because we have …

Got 2 B Hapi!



P.S. Since I'm speaking about high school I thought I would share an embarrassing pic from those trying times haha

Oh Lord Have Mercy! hahaha Thats me on the left with my sister on the right. I believe I was 17 or 18 in the picture; I believe the summer before senior year. This was taken at a youth conference we went to with my church. I look white cast from not knowing my foundation shade and I'm wearing some kind of jumper thing. I don't know haha 

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