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Ok people, I feel like we have developed a friendship over the last few months. I feel like we have reached a place where we can share secrets with each other... and I have a sacred secret to share! Plus, it's Friday, so let's have some fun. ;) I scoured the interwebs and have found dupes for LUSH Cosmetic's scents! Yes, it's true. As you know, I have a new obsession with LUSH and bath bombs. (Click here to see some new demos on my Instagram.) Of course, if you are a fan of LUSH, or recall my LUSH purchase post, you know that LUSH is a bit expensive. As I said before, I scoured the interwebs as I wanted to find fragrance oil dupes to use in my bath bombs. It took some time, but I found some amazing and affordable dupes on

I purchased four scents, two of which I had smelled before and the other two were popular scents from LUSH. Each bottle is 1 ounce of liquid and only cost $2.50 each! Do you know how many bombs you can make?! Well, if you do the math one bomb from LUSH costs, on average, about $6.00. In making bath bombs, you really only need 4 to 7 drops of fragrance - basically you are saving some serious cash.

Anywho, I thought I would share my purchase with you so you could purchase your own scents. Plus, I have a special surprise for you at the end of the post.  If you want to check out the LUSH scent dupes on FragranceBuddy Click Here or on the images below.

Vanillary: One of the new scents to me. This is a perfume on LUSH and they describe it as a" decadent, gourmet scent" that is made with natural vanilla absolute, sandalwood, burnt caramel, jasmine, and tonka bean.  It is a rich vanilla scent and I definitely like it - might use it in my oil burner.
Honey I Washed The Kids: A soap and bath bomb scent on LUSH, the scent is one of the best sellers on LUSH. This is the second new scent to me. The scent is described as a creamy, honey-toffee. It is a deep, rich scent and not too sweet The ingredients on LUSH include rapeseed oil, which I can definitely smell in this scent.

Avobath: I really like this scent, it is bright, but sweet and boasts of lemongrass. The bath bomb this scent is used in also contains moisturizing ingredients like avocado and olive oil.

*Love* Bomb: The scent I am referring to that is featured in the "Love Bomb" is said to be an alluring scent with notes of jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang. The scent has other elements combined to create a beautiful scent that I love, plus your bath turns magenta! (If you are a fan of LUSH, you may know why I have asterisks around the word love in the title of this bomb. If you don't know why, it's simply because this bomb has a name some might not be comfortable with so I am censoring for a family-friendly post.) 

If you have attempted to make bath bombs yourself using only essential oils, you probably can figure out that LUSH uses other elements to create their unique scents. Well, I wanted to create my own bombs, but have the great scents of LUSH. Now I can! Each image above is a link to the fragrance oil dupes from The ones I have listed above are identical to LUSH scents and I would highly recommend them. Plus, they ship fast and... I have a promo for you guys! Now, I don't have any deal or sponsorship going with FragranceBuddy, this coupon was given to me by the company with my purchase. We are 100% here ya'll, lol.

The promo code is: 10PROMO - you're welcome ;)

Be sure to check out FragranceBuddy and try making your own bombs. Let me know how your bath creations are going and if you have any questions about making stuff. Also, shout out to Grayson, it's so cool to meet a reader. (I hope I spelled your name right.) Have a Hapi Weekend!

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  1. Thank you so much for this info! I am trying to duplicate the blackberry bath bomb fragrance - any chance you know where I can get that one?? I have scoured the internet. Thanks again!!

  2. Do you know where to find these smells that ship to countries, other than the United States? Have search the internet byt could not fint some that ships to Europe.


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