Be Bold, In Everything

Hello Hapi People,

I am sorry that there wasn't a post for this past Monday. No excuses, but life got ahead of me starting school. Anywho, we are back in action today! If you didn't catch from the title, today is about being bold in everything. I know you are probably thinking, "Ok... what are you talking about?" Well, today I was asked if I could describe someone in one word, and the word I came up with was "bold". I chose bold because it embodies the risk taker, the first person to speak up, the brave, etc. You can be bold and still be a shy person. Being bold is not natural to most people, we tend to have to push ourselves to be the bold person. However, being bold and taking a stand for yourself or your cause is how you become a successful person. I am not just talking about career success - I am talking about being a more confident version of yourself.

So how do you become this ideal "good" and "bold" person? I don't believe there is any specific formula or recipe for a magical boldness potion. I do believe there are practices you can adapt to your everyday life that can help you become a bolder, more assured version of you. I believe you should employ these practices:

1. Learn about yourself. Think about your strengths and weaknesses - what do you bring to the table? Think about if you are in a musical group, each member has their own part they perform. If you know your part well you can better serve the musical number.

2. Be influential, don't be influenced. Everyone has their own opinion of how things should be, even how you should be as a person. Even I have a certain idea of how people should act. However, you are the ultimate influence in your life. You can choose who and what influences your choices. You also can have an impact on others, so think about how you want to be impacted. Do you impact others in the same way? Be a positive influence on others and let in positive influence in your own life.

3. Be assertive. I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about being assertive. You can effectively assert your opinions with being rude or aggressive; assertive and aggressive are different things. Be respectful in asserting yourself to others. Also, know when you are asserting your opinions in order to stand up for yourself and when you just want to get your way. Being bold is not about being selfish, it is about being confident.

4. Take risks. Life is made up of choices, and whatever choices you make, you will always wonder "what if" you chose the other option. Don't be afraid to choose what isn't safe. I know that may sound cliche, but the only way you can experience life is choosing to live it.

All of these ideas may seem like big decisions and hard to employ practices. But changing behavior starts with small actions, like choosing to speak up instead of letting things slide when something bothers you. Be bold and become more assured in yourself.

Stay Hapi,

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