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I have to start by saying that the interwebs and social media are truly amazing places for discovery. This post would not be possible without a little app called Instagram - you may have heard of it. I'm so excited to be reviewing for you a lovely shop called Soapy South Wash House. I mean, is that not the cutest name ever?! lol

Anywho, shop owner Elizabeth and I were acquainted through happenstance. She liked a pic I posted to Instagram of my DIY bath bombs. I saw her username, @soapysouthwashhouse, and I had to check it out. I found pics of cute soaps, bath and other beauty products with cute southern themed names. Being a southern girl myself, I thought it was adorable. Long story short, we decided to collaborate! I will share with you my review of her store and products.

Soapy South Wash House is based in Clinton, Mississippi, but sells in multiple locations - including her Etsy Shop and Online Store. Elizabeth's store, products and personality exude southern hospitality - she was very pleasant throughout our correspondence and my purchases. Click the icon below for the "About" section from her Etsy shop because it gives her description and mission of her products. As a licensed cosmetologist, Elizabeth provides honest, handmade, and healthy products. Elizabeth also has a blog called Mouth of the South, (how cute is that?) where she talks about skincare and beauty in which you control the ingredients you introduce to your body. The more I learned about Soapy South Wash House, the more excited I became to use the products. So let's get to it!

My Shopping Experience

I love shopping on Etsy because I know I am supporting independent business owners. Shopping on sites like Etsy and Ebay can mean you run the risk of poor customer service, due to lack of numbers in operation. However, that is not the case with Soapy South. Elizabeth provided prompt, professional and helpful customer service.

My Purchases

My first purchase with Soapy South Wash House was a slice of the Dogwood Soap. In correspondence, this is how Elizabeth described the soap to me:

"Dogwood soap is on sale for $5. This slice is particularly fun because it is very crisp, floral, and clean. I always think of a debutante ball when it comes to this scent: timeless, classic, and just a little bit diva. I decided to mimic that attitude with a white soap that has subtle swirls of pink and yellow topped with a dramatic gold shimmer. I think it really gives this slice a true Southern debutante feel!"
I had never read such an impassioned description of soap. Needless to say, I was convinced to purchase the soap. Elizabeth messaged me quite soon after my purchase that it would be shipped within two days - she held up her promise. My soap showed up with a sample of a "Waters" soap.

Dogwood is a traditional floral scent, colored with cream and pink swirls with gold glitter on top.
Waters is a colorful swirl with a floral, clean "water" scent. I loved both scents.

I really enjoyed Waters and I am still using Dogwood.
I love my main purchase, Dogwood, because the soap is sudsy and makes me feel clean and the oils in the soap keep my skin from feeling dry. Look at those bubbles on that loofah!
After my first purchase and good impression of Soapy South's products, I decided to venture further. I purchased a "Shave Soap" in the scent Raspberry Lemonade. I was drawn to the Shave Soap because I had never heard of such a product. The idea behind the Shave Soap is that you get clean and can use the soap instead of shaving cream. Basically kill two birds with one stone - or cleaning two birds with one soap! ;) (Bad pun I'm sorry.) With my purchase I received a sample of a Scrubby Lip Sugar.
Raspberry Lemonade shave soap smells like a fruity cocktail, its unique and I love it! The Scrubby Lip Sugar is a tasty but simple mixture of oil and sugar that you can rub on and lick off to exfoliate your lips.
I have to admit, I was a tad skeptical about this shave soap concept. However, after some trial and error it quickly became my new favorite bath product. I discovered that the soap created a thick, creamy lather on a loofah. This rich lather is ideal for shaving. I am all about products that double in use. Being able to shave and get clean at the same time, no need for another shaving cream, made me so excited ... oh my goodness! I will admit I had some slight sensitivity to this product, but nothing major. So, if you have sensitive skin be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing.

Overall Experience with Soapy South

My overall experience with Soapy South was very positive. Shop owner, Elizabeth was very accommodating and helpful. Her products are very special and made with love. The quality of her soaps are worth the price. She is upfront about what goes in her products and is proud of them. I told her I would give an honest review and I honestly am impressed! She has more products you can check out at her Etsy Shop, click here for link. The Shave Soap and her other soaps come in many different fragrances however, not all scents have a description. I am sure though that if you give Elizabeth a quick shout on Etsy she will be more than happy to give you more info. 

Thank you so much to Soapy South Wash House for collabing with me! Be sure to check her out at her shop, blog, and Instagram. I hope you all enjoyed today's post and that you have a great Monday.

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  1. Soapy South Wash House is based out of Mississippi not Missouri. Just FYI.

  2. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.


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