Woman, What a Beauty!

Hello Hapi People!

TGIF! Do people still say that? Lol I hope you all have had a fantastic week. I am excited to share another makeup session with you today. (Sorry boys, I know these posts are girly. Some more stuff is coming your way.) My dear friend, Cindy Platt, and I sat down and played with makeup today. It was so much fun sharing tips & tricks that she can use everyday and for special occasions. Mom to one of my closets friends in high school, Cindy and I had so much fun joking around and playing pretty. I will share some of the tips I gave her for age appropriate and easy-to-do makeup tips. Here are some pics from our time together ...

We started with a bare face, which is usually what Cindy does day to day. I asked Cindy what kind of makeup she does do and I helped her improve her techniques. Working long shifts at a hospital, she doesn't have time for a full face of makeup. Cindy said on occasion she dos use mascara, eyeliner,
and lips. She also was interested in giving more definition to her brows. I went step by step with her and gave her tips on how to be more efficient in her application.

Brows: Here is Cindy with a little more definition to her eyes and brows. I showed her how to use an eyeliner brush and a powder to add some color to the lighter hairs.

Eyes: I showed her how to apply a pencil eyeliner with an angled in order to have more control in application. I also shared some secret mascara tips. Cindy wanted to add volume to her lashes but she always has trouble with clumping mascara. I shared with her that a drier formula mascara can help because it will help separate lashes. I also shared that wiping off your mascara wand of excess product allows you to build up your mascara. Otherwise you are applying a lot of product at once at it will lead to clumping your lashes together. 

Lips: She also has a little more color to her lips. We opted for a mauve colored balm stain. Its easy color in a hydrating balm formula. 

After giving tips and how-to instructions on the basics, I gave Cindy a full face of makeup. I explained my reasoning for each step of makeup I applied.

EyesI started with the eyes, applying matte, warm, and neutral shades to create natural looking shadows. I applied a warm tan in the crease and then a light cream shade on the lid. I then deepened the outer-V with a darker brown. I reapplied eyeliner by using a black eyeshadow - this gave a soft smokey look and set my already applied pencil.

Face: I then applied a lightweight & dewy foundation to create a youthful glow and even skin tone. I then applied pink undertone concealer to counteract the dark circles she wanted to address under her eyes. I then applied a matte bronzer to lightly contour her cheeks and jawline. I also applied bronzer to her forehead for color. I then applied a peach blush to the apples of her cheeks.

Finishing touches: I then did touch ups on lips and mascara. I applied powder to set the foundation and concealer under the eyes. After powder, I applied an shimmering ivory highlight to the tops of her cheeks. I also when back to her eyes and smoked the outer part of her lower lash line with my same crease shade. Voila! The complete look.

I loved getting to work with a friend and teaching her how to enhance her lovely complexion and eyes. The instructions and tips I gave are easy to do, even for beginners. This full face of makeup can be achieved easily with a little bit of practice. We achieved a youthful glow and more definition to eyes that Cindy can do herself. Here are some side by side photos of before and after looks.

Thank you again Cindy for hanging out with me and working with me. Your my Woman! lol (a little inside joke) I hope you all like this post and that you have a good weekend.


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